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IPO IDC VM 2010 team

SM 2007 Dobfancier's Rezon
Dobfancier's regiuz IDC_IPO_VM 2007
IDC_2006_Dobfancier's Rezon
Dobfancier's Rezon RM 2005
Dobfancier's Snoddaz
Dobfancier's Ruz 2004
Dobfancier's Qanza
Dobfancier's Norriz Dobfancier's Ortuz
Dobfancier's Nizzi
S-kullen hos veterinären
Dobfancier's Lazlo, Lizzie& Larizza


The kenneln have been awarded folloving diploma and prizes:

Swedish Kennel club prize as working dog breeder 2 times, 1997 and 2014.
Swedish Working clubb prize for breeding of mentally tested dogs (Korning) 4 times,
1990, 2 times 2007 and 2008.

Swedish Working club Korning diploma to females breeding mentally tested dogs (korning):
SUCH, SPH III, SKH II, Korad Julietteville's Lessi 1985
SBCH, SKH III, SPH III, SÖK III Korad Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza 1991
SBCH, SKH III, SPH III, SÖK II, Korad Dobfancier's Prixza 1999
SÖK II, SKH I, Korad Twin-Q's Alizza 2006
SÖK I, SPH II, Korad Twin-Q's Busan 2008
IPO III, BHP I, Korad, Godkänt L-test Grim-Keepers Aska 2013

Swedish Dobermann club prize of honnor for most dogs passed the Korning;
year: År 1984, 1989, 1990 och 1998. The prize do not exist any longer.


At every page flr the litter is all their helth issues.
medium age of all born is about 8 age and of those who is older there is mostly competing dogs..
The most common cause of death is cancer.


MH results here.

About 85% from our breeding is tested at the swedish Korning, nearly all before 2½ age.
84% passes the test and 68% got the title Korad.
Compilation of all the results here.

Working dogs

Dobfancier's Sazka (special trained for criminal cases and as search and rescue dog)
Dobfancier's Nezoz

Securitydogs (personal protection)
Dobfancier's Xzico
Dobfancier's Vazka
Dobfancier's Regiuz
Dobfancier's Ruzka
Dobfancier's Nizzi
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza
Dobfancier's Larizza
Dobfancier's Lupuz

Passed L-test (as police dog/security dog/militaty dog)
Dobfancier's Zicko
Dobfancier's Xzico
Dobfancier's Vazka
Dobfancier's Sazka
Dobfancier's Sizu
Dobfancier's Regiuz
Dobfancier's Ruzka
Dobfancier's Nezoz
Dobfancier's Nizzi
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza
Dobfancier's Larizza
Dobfancier's Lupuz

Swedish-reserve military dogs (Tjh I)
Dobfancier's Larizza (airforce)
Dobfancier's Lizzi (airforce)
Dobfancier's Loboz (army)

Dobfancier's Zizu was in Norwegian army prepared for international work.

Sport dogs

The most successful dog is
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza and Dobfancier's Vizir

Minix was 2 times Swedish working dog campion and
2 Swedish workingmastership in tracking and protection.
She had 20 certificate in tracking, protection and seeking, and CACIT in tracking.
Competed 2 SM in protection and tracking.

Vizir was as first dobermann from Sweden qualified to FCI-IPO-WM all breeds, competed 5 IPO IDC-WM and won Mastership IPO for dobermann.

Other successful dogs are

Dobfancier's Vimza who competd 5 IDC-IPO-WM and RM IPO
Dobfancier's Regiuz who competd 5 IDC-IPO-WM and SM IPO
Dobfancier's Rezon who competed 2 IPO-IDC-WM, NM-IPO, SM-IPO and RM-IPO
Dobfancier's Ruzka who competed 4 IDC-IPO-VM, 2 SM IPO, RM IPO and elitclass swedish protection

Dobfancier's Qvinz who copmpeted at 2 IPO-IDC-WM and NM-IPO
Dobfancier's Prixza who competed SM in protection
Dobfancier's Norriz who took 2 NM gold & 3 SM gold i as sleigh dog


2016 Dobfancier's Vizir

2016 Dobfancier's Vizir (9:a, 4:th team)
2015 Dobfancier's Vimza (12:th)
2015 Dobfancier's Vizir
2014 Dobfancier's Vizir (4:th, 4:a team)
2014 Dobfancier's Vimza (14:th, 4:a team)
2013 Dobfancier's Vimza
2013 Dobfancier's Vizir
(2013 Dobfancier's Wigoz kvalificerad - startade ej pga mattes graviditet)
2012 Dobfancier's Vizir (7:a & 3:rd team)
2012 Dobfancier's Vimza (11:a & 3:rd team)
2012 Dobfancier's Ruzka
(2012 Dobfancier's Vinixz kvalificerad för Finland - startade ej pga skada)
(2012 Dobfancier's Regiuz reserv - startade ej pga skada)
2011 Dobfancier's Regiuz (4:a lag)
(2011 Dobfancier's Ruzka kvalificerad - startade ej pga skada)
2010 Dobfancier's Regiuz (7:a & lagsilver)
Dobfancier's Ruzka (11:a & lagsilver)
Dobfancier's Uzka (15:e)
2009 Dobfancier's Regiuz
Dobfancier's Ruzka
2008 Dobfancier's Rezon (11:a)
2008 Dobfancier's Regiuz
Dobfancier's Ruzka
2007 Dobfancier's Regiuz
(2007 Dobfancier's Rezon kvalificerad - startade ej pga skada)
2006 Dobfancier's Rezon (12:a &
2000 Dobfancier's Qvinz (14:e)
1999 Dobfancier's Qvinz

NM - Nordic Mastership,
all breeds
Dobfancier's Rezon 2007 - IPO (9:th place)
Dobfancier's Qvinz 1999 - IPO (8:th place)
Dobfancier's Norriz 1991, 1992 - sleigh dog (gold)

NM dobermann. - Nordic Mastership, dobermann
Dobfancier's Larizza 1984 - tracking

SM - Swedish Mastership,
all breeds
Dobfancier's Vizir 2015 IPO
Dobfancier's Ruzka 2009 & 2010 IPO
Dobfancier's Regiuz 2010 IPO
Dobfancier's Rezon 2007 - IPO (bronze)
Dobfancier's Prixza 1998 - protection
Dobfancier's Nezza U-SM 1994 - tracking
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza 1992 -tracking & 1993 protection
Dobfancier's Norriz 1991, 1992, 1993 - sleigh dog (gold)

RM - Mastership, dobermann
2016 Dobfancier's Zicko 3:rd IPO
2016 Dobfancier's Zuzi 4:th IPO
2015 Dobfancier's Vimza 3:rd IPO
2014 Dobfancier's Vimza Swedish Vice Winner IPO
2013 Dobfancier's T-Buz Swedish Winner Tracking
2013 Dobfancier's Vizir Swedish Winner IPO
2012 Dobfancier's Vimza Swedish Winner IPO
2012 Dobfancier's Vizir 3.rd IPO
2012 Dobfancier's Wigoz 5:th IPO
2012 Dobfancier's T-Buz Swedish Winner Tracking
2011 Dobfancier's Vinixz Finnish Winner IPO
2011 Dobfancier's Vizir Swedish Winner IPO
2011 Dobfancier's Ruzka
Vice winner IPO
Dobfancier's Ruzka Swedish Winner IPO
2010 Dobfancier's Uzka 4:th IPO
2010 Dobfancier's Snoddaz Swedish Winner Tracking

Dobfancier's Snoddaz Swedish Winner Obidience
2009 Dobfancier's T-Buz Swedish Winner Tracking
Dobfancier's Regiuz 3:rd IPO
Dobfancier's Ruzka 4:th IPO
2009 Dobfancier's Uzka IPO
Dobfancier's Rezon Vice winner IPO
2005 Dobfancier's Rezon 3:rd IPO
2005 Dobfancier's Regiuz IPO
1988 Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza Swedish Winner tracking
1988 Dobfancier's Nezza

DM -District/Region Mastership,all kind of breeds (maybe not complete)
Dobfancier's Zicko 2016 (Västernorrland gold IPO)
Dobfancier's Zuzi 2016 (Västernorrland bronze IPO)
Dobfancier's Xztra 2015 (Västernorrland gold BSL)
Dobfancier's Xzico 2013 (Västernorrland, silver - IPO)
Dobfancier's Xztra 2013 (Västernorrland, silver -tracking)
Dobfancier's Ruzka 2010 (Västernorrland, silver - protection)

Dobfancier's Pezter 1998 (Västernorrland, gold - protection)
Dobfancier's Pezter 1997 (Västernorrland, silver - protection)
Dobfancier's Prixza 1996 (Västernorrland, bronze - tracking)
Dobfancier's Prixza 1995 (Västernorrland, bronze - protection)
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza 1993 (Västernorrland, silver - seeking)
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza 1992 (Västernorrland, silver - protection)
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza 1991 (Västernorrland; gold - tracking)
Dobfancier's Nezza 1991 (Västernorrland, 5:a - tracking)


Dobfancier's Vimza / Frida Doggsen, 3 cert IPO
Dobfancier's Vizir / Tommy Andersson, 8 cert IPO
Dobfancier's Ruzka / Laine Löfman, 4 cert IPO
Dobfancier's Pezter / Torbjörn Eriksson, 2 cert swedish protection work, 1 seeking
Dobfancier's Prixza / Laine Löfman, 3 cert at tracking, 2 at swedish protection work
Dobfancier's Nezza / Laine Löfman, 4 cert tracking
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza / Torbjörn Eriksson, 3 cert swedish protection work, 2 at seeking
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza / Torbjörn Eriksson, 15 cert tracking, 1 CACIT

Dobfancier's Ozi / Annika Friberg
Dobfancier's Lizzie / Susanne Fernlund

Dobfancier's Norriz / Anders Wallin, "otaliga" cert i herrar seniorer

(SUCH, SE UCH etc.)
Dobfancier's Vizir
Dobfancier's Ranzid
Dobfancier's Qazc
Dobfancier's Norriz
Dobfancier's Larizza
Dobfancier's Lizzie

Different kind of working dogs

IPO (the competition form started in Sweden 1997)
Dobfancier's Dxzy (IPO I)
Dobfancier's Zicko (IPO III)
Dobfancier's Zuzi (IPO III)
Dobfancier's Yozan (IPO II)
Dobfancier's Xzy (IPO III)
Dobfancier's Xzico (IPO III)

Dobfancier's Xzit (IPO III)
Dobfancier's Xtaz (IPO II)
Dobfancier's Xizt (IPO II)
Dobfancier's Xztra (IPO I)
Dobfancier's Wigoz (IPO III)
Dobfancier's Vimza (SE BCH, IPO III, Cert, Swedish SDK Master 2012, vice 2014)
Dobfancier's Vizir (SE BCH, IPO III, Swedish SDK Master IPO 2011)
Dobfancier's Vinixz (IPO III, Finnish SDY Master IPO 2011)
Dobfancier's Uzka (IPO III, Cert)
Dobfancier's Ruzka (SE BCH, IPO III, SM, IDC-IPO-WM, Swedish SDK Master IPO 2010)
Dobfancier's Regiuz (IPO III, RM, SM, 5 IDC-IPO-WM)
Dobfancier's Rezon (IPO III, RM, SM, NM & IDC-IPO-WM)
Dobfancier's Ruzt (IPO II)
Dobfancier's Retz (IPO I)
Dobfancier's Qvinz (SBCH, IPO III, NM & IDC-VM)

Sch H & BHP (the competition form started in Sweden 1995)
Dobfancier's Regiuz (BHP I)
Dobfancier's Prixza (BHP)
Dobfancier's Pezter (BHP II)
Dobfancier's Qvinz (SCH H III & BHP III)

Dobfancier's Regiuz SG 1B

Dobfancier's Epzilon
Dobfancier's Etzy
Dobfancier's Exiz
Dobfancier's Dxzy
Dobfancier's Dezpot
Dobfancier's Drizta
Dobfancier's Cnaza
Dobfancier's Brixzy

Dobfancier's Bitzi
Dobfancier's Assizt from Lura
Dobfancier's Accez of Lura
Dobfancier's Zicko
Dobfancier's Zuzi
Dobfancier's Yozhi
Dobfancier's Yozan
Dobfancier's Xztrem
Dobfancier's Xprez
Dobfancier's Xtaz
Dobfancier's Xzit
Dobfancier's Xzico
Dobfancier's Xzpert
Dobfancier's Xizt
Dobfancier's Xztra
Dobfancier's Xazka
Dobfancier's Xzy

Dobfancier's Xzkalera
Dobfancier's Wigoz
Dobfancier's Wizky

Dobfancier's Vrenzka
Dobfancier's Vazka
Dobfancier's Vinixz
Dobfancier's Vimza
Dobfancier's Vizir

Dobfancier's Uzka
Dobfancier's T-Buz
Dobfancier's Sazka
Dobfancier's Styxz
Dobfancier's Rezon
Dobfancier's Regiuz
Dobfancier's Retz
Dobfancier's Ruzka
Dobfancier's Ruzkig
Dobfancier's Ruzt
Dobfancier's Qvinz

PROTECTION DOGS (Protection work with slave, and with muzzle)
Dobfancier's Snoddaz (SKH I)
Dobfancier's Ruzka (SKH III)
Dobfancier's Quinzi (SKH III)
Dobfancier's Qrazch (SKH II)
Dobfancier's Qazc (SKH I, qualified for high class)
Dobfancier's Prixza ((SBCH, SKH III, Certificat & SM)
Dobfancier's Pezter (SBCH, SKH III, Certificat)
Dobfancier's Nezza (SKH I)
Dobfancier's Nizzi (SKH I)
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza (SBCH, SKH III, Cacit & SM)
Dobfancier's Larizza (SKH II)

Dobfancier's Zuzi (SPH I qualified to high class)
Dobfancier's Cruxz (SPH I qualified to high class)
Dobfancier's Brixzy (SPH I qualified to high class)
Dobfancier's Accez of Lura (BSL II)
Dobfancier's Zuzi (SPH I qualified to high class)
Dobfancier's Yazza (SPH II)
Dobfancier's Yozan (BSL II)
Dobfancier's Xztra (FH 1, SPH III certpoäng & BSL III)
Dobfancier's Xizt (BSL I, FH I)

Dobfancier's Xazka (SPH II)
Dobfancier's Xzprez (qualified for low class)
Dobfancier's Xzy(qualified for low class)
Dobfancier's Xzpert (BSL)
Dobfancier's Wiruz (qualified for low class)
Dobfancier's Vizir (BSL III)
Dobfancier's Vrenzka (qualified for low class)
Dobfancier's T-Buz (SPH III, Swedish SDK Master working tracking 2009 & 2012)
Dobfancier's Turbulenz (approved appell class)
Dobfancier's Snoddaz (SPH III, Swedish SDK Master working tracking 2010)
Dobfancier's Stridiz (SPH I)
Dobfancier's Styxz (BSL I)
Dobfancier's Stridiz (qualified for low class)
Dobfancier's Ruzka (SPH III)
Dobfancier's Ranzid (SPH II)
Dobfancier's Regiuz (qualified for low class)
Dobfancier's Retz (qualified for low class)
Dobfancier's Ruz (qualified for low class)
Dobfancier's Ruzt (approwed appell class)
Dobfancier's Quazi (SPH III, Certificat)
Dobfancier's Quinzi (SPH III, certificat points)
Dobfancier's Qrazch (SPH II)
Dobfancier's Qeszy (SPH II)
Dobfancier's Qazc (SPH I, qualified for high class)
Dobfancier's Qanza (SPH I)
Dobfancier's Prixza (SBCH, SPH III)
Dobfancier's Pezter (SPH III, certificat points)
Dobfancier's Piazza( SPH III, certificat points)
Dobfancier's Ozi (SPH III)
Dobfancier's Ortuz (SPH I)
Dobfancier's Nezza (SBCH, SPH III & U-SM)
Dobfancier's Nizzi (SPH I, qualified for high class)
Dobfancier's Norriz (SPH I)
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza (SBCH, SPH III & 2 SM, RM)
Dobfancier's Lizzie (SPH III, Certificat)
Dobfancier's Larizza (SPH II & NM dob.)
Dobfancier's Loboz (SPH II)
Dobfancier's Lupuz (qualified for low class)

Dobfancier's Eboyz (NV 1)
Dobfancier's Stridiz (SÖK II, qualified for elit class)
Dobfancier's Quinzi (SÖK II)
Dobfancier's Pezter (SÖK III, Certificat)
Dobfancier's Piazza (SÖK III)
Dobfancier's Prixza (SÖK II)
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza (SÖK III, Certificat)

Dobfancier's Quazi (RPH III, certificat points)
Dobfancier's Ranzid (RPH I, qualified to high class)
Dobfancier's Leizy (approwed appell class)

Dobfancier's Qazc (SM)
Dobfancier's Quazi
Dobfancier's Norriz (SDpCH, NM & SM)
Dobfancier's Lupuz

Dobfancier's Epzilon (Startklass)
Dobfancier's Ezz (Startklass)

Dobfancier's Enviz (Startklass)
Dobfancier's Brixzy (Startklass)
Dobfancier's Yozan (class I)
Dobfancier's Yazza (LP 1, class II)
Dobfancier's Xztra (LP 1, class II)
Dobfancier's Xzpert (Lp 1)
Dobfancier's Xprez (LP 1)
Dobfancier's Xazka (class I)
Dobfancier's Vrenzka (class I)
Dobfancier's T-Buz (class II)
Dobfancier's Tezta (class I)
Dobfancier's Snoddaz (class III)
Dobfancier's Ranzid (class II)
Dobfancier's Ruz (class I)
Dobfancier's Ruzkig (class I)
Dobfancier's Qazc (class II)
Dobfancier's Quazi (class II)
Dobfancier's Qeszy (class II)
Dobfancier's Quinzi (class II)
Dobfancier's Qazc (LP)
Dobfancier's Quinzi (LP)
Dobfancier's Qrazch (class I)
Dobfancier's Piazza (class III)
Dobfancier's Ozi (SLCH)
Dobfancier's Orizza (class II)
Dobfancier's Ortuz (class II)
Dobfancier's Orioz (class I)
Dobfancier's Oritzimuz (class I)
Dobfancier's Oriza (class I)
Dobfancier's Norriz (class II)
Dobfancier's Narciz (LP)
Dobfancier's Nizzi (class I)
Dobfancier's Lizzie (SLCH)
Dobfancier's Loboz (class III)
Dobfancier's Larizza (class III)
Dobfancier's Leizy (class II)

Dobfancier's Brixzy (SG, 3 times BIR-puppy, BIG-puppy)
Dobfancier's Xprez (BIR & BIG-4 puppy)

Dobfancier's Wiruz (Exellent, Ökl 1:a)
Dobfancier's Wigoz (SG, BIR & BIG -puppy, Junior class 1.a)
Dobfancier's Wizky (BIR-puppy)
Dobfancier's Vizir (Certificat, Veteran Winner 2016)
Dobfancier's Varez (BIS-puppy)
Dobfancier's Uzka (BIR puppy)
Dobfancier's Traze (BIS-2 & BIR puppy)
Dobfancier's Tazkig (BIR & BIM puppy)
Dobfancier's Ranzid (SUCH, BIR & BIM)
Dobfancier's Ruzka (1:a)
Dobfancier's Ruzt (BIR puppy)
Dobfancier's Qvinz (SUCH, BIR & BIM)
Dobfancier's Qazc (SUCH & Cacib)
Dobfancier's Quazi (1:a)
Dobfancier's Qeszy (1:a)
Dobfancier's Quinzi (1:a)
Dobfancier's Qrazch (2:a)
Dobfancier's Qanza (2:a)
Dobfancier's Quiz (BIM puppy)
Dobfancier's Pezter (Ck)
Dobfancier's Orioz (1:a)
Dobfancier's Okteza (1:a)
Dobfancier's Orizza (1:a)
Dobfancier's Ozi (1:a)
Dobfancier's Oritzimuz (2:a)
Dobfancier's Ortuz (2:a)
Dobfancier's Odeniz (Hp puppy)
Dobfancier's Oriza (1:a puppy)
Dobfancier's Norriz (SUCH & BIR)
Dobfancier's Narciz (Certificat & BIM)
Dobfancier's Nezza (1:a)
Dobfancier's Nezoz (2:a)
Dobfancier's Nezzoz (2:a)
Dobfancier's Nizzi (2:a)
Dobfancier's Nomez (BIS, BIG, BIR puppy)
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza (2:a)
Dobfancier's Lizzie (SUCH & BIM)
Dobfancier's Larizza (SUCH & BIM)
Dobfancier's Leizy (Certificat, BIG-2, BIR & BIM)
Dobfancier's Lazlo (Certificat & BIR)
Dobfancier's Loboz (Ck)
Dobfancier's Lupuz (2:a)
Dobfancier's Litzie (2:a)

Dobfancier's Rezon NM 2007
Dobfancier's Rezon NM 2007
Dobfancier's Rezon SM 2007
Dobfancier's Ruzka
Dobfancier's Regiuz
Dobfancier's Regiuz
Dobfancier's Ruzka

Dobfancier's Regiuz
Dobfancier's Regiuz bevakning
Dobfancier's Rezon transport
Dobfancier's Ruzka
Dobfancier's Quinzi flykt
Dobfancier's Qvinz modprov
Dobfancier's Qazc korg
Dobfancier's Pezter transport
Dobfancier's Quinzi sök
Dobfancier's Qvinz spår
Dobfancier's Qrazch tung apport
Dobfancier's Prixza fot
Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza kryp
Dobfancier's Larizza stegen