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Dobfancier's W-litter

f. 13/2- 2009

e. IPO III, BSL I, BH, qualified IPO-IDC-WM 2006, ZTP SG 1A, Korad, SUCH Mezzrow's Flinta

u. SE BCH, SKH III, SPH III, IPO III, Korad, MH, Passed Swedish policedog L-test, Security dog (personal protection),
IPO-IDC-WM 2008, 2009, 2010, qualified 2012,
Swedish Mastership all breeds IPO 2009, 2010, Vice district master nordic protection work 2010,
Swedish dobermann winner IPO 2010, vice winner IPO 2011
Dobfancier's Ruzka

About the parents to the W-litter

fre from PHTVL/PHTV,
has HD A and is tested free from vWD.
very good bite , high working spirit. He has made 100 points twice at the C-part in IPO.
has ZTP IA . He is korad with 174 points. At show he has cacib and was exellent at IDC 2008.
was qualified to IDC-IPO-WM 2006 but in Italy he couldn't start because of a damage.
is a socal and nice dog, and has in earlier litters given the his good qualities.

is from a good litter with good MH, good hips and 5 of 9 has passed korning.
has competing sisters and brothers :
- Fabio IPO III, S
chH III, NUCH, ZTP-SG-1A, passed MT, IDC-IPO-WM 2006 & -07; winnerNorwegian mastership 2007.
- Falda SPH II, Lp I, SUCH.
- Frodo SÖK I
, Korad, BIR & cert at shows.
- Faxe
passed beginners tracking , BIR, BIM Cacib & cert at show.
- Fama BH,
passed MT, BIM, Cacib & cert at show.
- Faylinn
Korad, CK at show.
- Fianna Korad, CK at show.

More about Flinta (nickname Ares)
here and his littermates here

Ruzka is free from PHTVL/PHTV, has HD B and tested free from vWD.
Ruzka natural very good bite, exellent wirking spirit and make her heavy in the protection work.
Ruzka is korad 219 points and has passed Swedish police L-test and work as guard dog (personal protection).
become 33:rd (of 60) at IDC-IPO-WM 2008, with only trainig for IPO one year.
is a dog who has easy to learn and cooperate, she is nice in family life.

Ruzka is from a litter of 8 dogs, all has passed MT and 7 is korade (medium points 192).
is the only female in the litter and has competing brothers:
- Rezon IPO III, passed MT, participated IDC-IPO-WM 2006 & -08, Nordic Mastership (all breeds) 2007,
Swedish Mastership (all breeds) 3:rd 2007, Swedish Dobermann Mastership (RM) 3:rd 2005 & -06.
- Regiuz IPO III, BHP I, Korad, ZTP, passed L-test, participated IDC-IPO-WM 2007 & -08.
- Ranzid SUCH, SPH II, RPH I, Korad
- Ruzt IPO II, Korad
- Retz IPO I, Korad
- Ruz qalified for low class tracking, Korad
- Ruzkig Korad

More about Ruzka
here and Ruzkas littermates here.

is ½-sisterto IDC-IPO-WM-vinner 2007 & -08, German master 2005, -06 & -07 Mona von Edertal.
Ruzka is qualified to IDC-IPO-WM 2009 and her brother Reggi too.

Inbreed 1,5 %




Dobfancier's Wigoz
Dobfancier's Wiruz
Dobfancier's Witiz
Dobfancier's Wizky
Dobfancier's Wigoz
Dobfanciers Wiruz
Dobfancier's Witiz
Dobfancier's Wizky

Dobfancier's Wigoz
Dobfancier's Wiruz
Dobfancier's Witiz
Dobfancier's Wizky

Dobfancier's Wigoz
Dobfancier's Wiruz
Dobfancier's Witiz
Dobfancier's Wisky