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Dobfanciers X-litter
b. 5/6-2009

e. VPG III, FH I, ZTP-SG-1A, Securitydog Frisko von Mooreiche
u. IPO III, Korad, RM 3:a 2005
, Godk. L-test,
Securitydog Grim-Keeper's Aska

About the parents to expected X-litter

has hips A, is free at his eyes and vWD-free. Han is also Cardiotested free.
works in germay as security dog (personal protection).
is a dog with good nerves, great fighting spirit and the same kind of dog as in our P-litter.

dad was also security dog and in his pedigree there is a lot of well-known working dogs.
Many of them also has the german körung and some, several ZVA (lifetime);
Castor von Mooreiche, Ikarus v.d. Kollau och Atlas von Flandrichen Löwen
The kombination gives stronger influence from Gero von Morreiche who is behind Askas grandmother
and Friskos mother.
That also include breeding at Cora von Mooreiche, Asco och Gina von Weiermühle.

Aska is seven years old and PHTVL/PHTV free, has B at hips and vWD-fri.
Her neck is X-rayed without deformations.
Aska is social with dogs, children and adult people. She is a very good mother.
Aska has passed the Swedich policedog test and work as guard dog (personal protection).
Aska become 3:rd at Swedish Mastership for dobermann. She is Korad with 223 points (high level) .
Aska is mother to our S-litter from where doughter Sazka is policedog,
Grim-Keepers C-litter and our V-litter.

Aska descended from generations of breeding for police dogs and high performance sport dogs.
Aska father Qvinz was IDC-IPO-WM participant 1999 & 2000 and Nordic Mastership 1999.
Qvinz mother, grandmother and grandfather
participated at Swedish Mastership 1992, -93 & -98.
His grandmother and grandmothers mother passed the Swedish policedog test and worked as
guard dogs (personal protection). His grandfathers father was policedog in Norway.
Askas mother Queenie won Swedish Mastership for dobermann (NM) 2002 & -03
and was IDC-IPO-WM participant 2003.
Queenie comes from Weiermühle dogs, well known for their working qualities.
Askas grandmothers mother Kleo was policedog and won IDC-IPO-WM 1996.
Askas brother Aldo won the Swedish Mastership for dobermann 2005 & -06.

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