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Uppdaterad 3 februari, 2023

IPO III, BHP I, BH, passed Swedish police L-test, Korad, MH

Grim-Keeper's Aska
. 11/10 2001 - 29/3 2012

e. IPO III, SCH III, BHP III, Korad Dobfancier's Qvinz
u. SBCH, IPO III, ZTP SG-1A, Korad Briska's Queenie

Grim-Keeper's Aska

Grim-Keepers Aska

Eyes: Free from PHTVL/PHTV, PRA, Katarakt
vWD: DNA Clear (by VetGen)
Hips: B
Spinal Column C1-T1: Without any deformity

Working: IPO III, BHP I, BH, MH, KORAD, passed Swedish police L-test, 3:rd place att the Dobermann Mastership (RM) IPO 2005

Aska was a very fast acting female with lot of working will. She passed the korning with high score. Aska had a exellent bite, and make herself heavy in the protction work. She had a natural use of her nose and tracks very deep and concentrated on all kinds of grounds. Aska also had a natural will of wear and apport things. Aska worked as Security dog (personal protection) with Torbjörn.
Aska worked with him until 2 mounth before her death, nearly 10½ year old. She ended her days because of lung cancer.

Aska has 39 offsprings in 4 kombinations.
29 is tested att korning 86% has passed the test (25 st, 19 is korad).
6 has passed the Swedish police dog l-test or the Norwegian army test, the individual results below.
1 is police dog, 1 military dog, 2 is security dogs (personal protection), 2 is rescue dogs.
34 offsprings is HD-x-rayed 79,5 % free (53 % A, 26,5 B).

Some of her offsprings:
2005 S-litter:
From Askas first litter Sazka works as police dog in Sweden (the first dobermann since 1987). Passed L-test, Policedog, special trained for criminal cases, police rescuedog.

Sizu Korad Passed Swedish police L-test. Snoddaz Korad, Sph III, Swedish dobermann winner obidience 2009, Swedish dobermann winner work 2010.

2007 Grim-keepers C-litter:
Rescuedog, Casco Passed Norwegian army funktionsanalys. Cuba Passed Norwegian Army funktionsanalys, Armydog, Rescuedog in snow.

2008 V-litter:
Korad, Swedish dobermannwinner IPO 2011, Vinixz Finnish dobermannwinner IPO 2011, Vimza
Swedish dobermannwinner IPO 2011, Vazka Korad, Passed Swedish police L-test.

2009 X-litter:
Korad, Passed Swedish police L-test

More about Askas relatives at
Kennel Grim-Keeper

Askas photoalbum

Swiming 2003
First training for swedish protection 2003 (helper Laine Löfman)
Bitework 20040413 (helper Roland Ott)
Bitework 20081225 (helper Tommy Andersson)
Obidience1 20081220
Obidience2 20081220

Dobfancier's Qvinz Briska's Queenie