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Updated 2023-02-03

About the kennel
Our first litter was born in 1982 and we got our kennelname in the turn of the year 1983/1984, our registratuion number at FCI is 19844750. We are member of the Swedish kennel Club, the Swedish Working dog club and the Swedish Dobermann Club.

Our greatest interest is to train and compete with our dogs, and our breeding is therfor concentrated to maintain the nice working dog attributes and the good mentality that we got with our first bitch SUCH, SPH III, SKH II, Korad Julietteville's Lessi.
Another condition for successful competing is healty dogs but we dont use our time for exhibitions. As a kennel owner it can't always be as wou wish. We try to be honest and show good and bad sides in a prospect that will be good for the breed of dobermann.

The aim of our breeding
Our aim is to breed healthy dobermann with the best working dog qualities. We breed dogs for those who want to compete with their dog or those who need their dog in work. We want our dogs to have good sociability, great boldness, big working spirit so they will be able to work long time.

In our breeding we use dogs that have good nerves and good sociability. They are unfear and have a a good bite and working qualities. We want compact dogs with rather short neck so they can do the protection work without risk for damages. When we choose dogs for breeding we find it important that the dogs came from a healthy litter with real good caracter. We find the bitch caracter and sociability extra important.

Our female blood
All the females we has used in breeding is from Juliettevilles Lessi. Thanks to Folke Lötborn giving us a real good female for breeding! Lilith Edström, thank you for helping us find and use Baron Cesar von Rensloo. Jimmy Dahlgren was very kind when he let us take the only black female Grim-Keepers Aska. Aska father is from a agranddoughter to Lessi.
Litters L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, T, U, W, Y, Z and A is breeding at females from Lessi.
Litters S, V, X, B, C, and D is breeding from Aska.

About the females in the logotype to the left
The females heads to the left is those we has used in breeding.
They are from top to down:
Juliettevilles Lessi
Dobfanciers Larizza
Dobfanciers Minix Baronezza
Dobfanciers Prixza
Twin-Q's Alizza
Grim-Keepers Aska
Twin-Q's Busan
Dobfanciers Ruzka

Dobfancier's Uzka
Dobfancier's Xzy
Dobfancier's Xzkalera
Dobfancier's Brixzy
Dobfancier's Drizta
Dobfancier's Cnaza

About us
We who own kennel Dobfancier's are Torbjörn Eriksson & Laine Löfman and we are living in Harnosand, in the noth part of Sweden.

Torbjörn works eaducatind dogtrainers at theSwedish army. Earlier he worked as Security guard with dogs. He is instruktor and teatcher within the Swedish Workingdog Club, SBK. Torbjörn is for "Korning" judge, mental teatcher, IPO judge, working dog referee 1A and protection figurant. Torbjörn has competed with Julietteville's Lessi, Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza, Dobfancier's Pezter, Grim-Keepers Aska and Dobfancier's Regiuz (Reggi"), Dobfancier's Zicko and Dobfancier's Drizta.

Laine has retired from teatcher profession. She is instructor within the Swedish Workingdog Club SBK, korning judge, working dog referee 1A and IPO, protection figurant. Laine has competed with Giovanna, Dobfancier's Larizza, Dobfancier's Nezza, Dobfancier's Prixza, Twin-Q's Alecto, Twin-Q's Buster, Dobfancier's Sazka, Dobfancier's Ruzka, Dobfancier's Xzico, Dobfancier's Yozhi, Dobfancier's Zuzi, Dobfancier's Etzy and Dobfancier's Franzizca.

The first doberman in our family was Giovanna "Vanja" who was born 1976 (NUCH Bryan v. Forell - NUCH Goldine v.d. Veste Otzberg). Next dog was SUCH, SPH III, SKH II, Korad Juliettevilles Lessi born 1978 (Timitra Vox - u. Julietteville's Gina) and with her we started our breeding.

From the litter's we have raised, some dogs has stayed in the kennel;
SUCH, SKH II, SPH II, Korad, Securitydog Dobfancier's Larizza,
SBCH, SKH III, SPH III, SÖK III, Korad, Seciritydog Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza,
SBCH, SPH III, SKH I, Korad Dobfancier's Nezza,
SBCH, SKH III, SÖK III, SPH III, Korad Dobfancier's Pezter,
SBCH, SKH III, SPH III, SÖK II, Korad Dobfancier's Prixza,
IPO III, ZTP-SG-1B, BH, MH, Korad, Securitydog Dobfancier's Regiuz ("Reggi"),
SE BCH, SPH III, SKH II, IPO III, BH, MH, Korad, Securitydog Dobfancier's Ruzka.
BH, MH, Korad, Securitydog Dobfancier's Vazka
IPO III, BH, Korad, MH, Securitydog Dobfancier's Xzico
IPO II, BH, MH, Passed MT Dobfancier's Zicko
IPO II, BH, MH, Passed MT Dobfancier's Zuzi
BH, MH, Korad Dobfancier's Drizta
Dobfancier's Franzizca
Dobfancier's Ghozt

You can read about the dogs we have at the moment
here .

During the years some other dogs have been living whith us a longer time (½ - 1½ year). They have all a special place in our hearts.
BH Dobfancier's Etzy (
Olex Chuck vom Landgraf - Dobfancier's Brixzy)
BH, Korad, MH Dobfancier's Yozhi
(Dobfancier's Varez - Dobfancier's Uzka) the sisters
Korad, MH, BH Dobfancier's Xazka "Xa", Xzkalera and Xzy (Frisko von der Mooreiche - Grimkeeper's Aska), and their half-sister

BH, Policedog Dobfancier's Sazka more about her
here .
SKH I, SPH I, BH, MH, Korad, Securitydog Twin-Q's Buster
more about him here.
Korad Twin-Q's Alecto "Hugo" and Twin-Q's Aston (Graaf Vito von Neerland Stamm - Dobfancier's Quinzi) and Zanzaro's Sesto Sacanto "Santos" (Cäsar von Klingenstadt - Dobfancier's Lizzi)

If you want to get in contact with us, please phone: +46 70 5565885.

About our kennel prize here

Giovanna ("Vanja")
Julietteville's Lessi
Dobfancier's Etzy
Dobfanciers Yozhi
Dobfancier's Sazka
Twin-Q's Buster
Twin-Q's Alecto ("Hugo")
Twin-Q's Aston