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3 februari, 2023

MH = Behavioural description test :

When you look at the graph, the green circle represent the medum reaction from tested dobermann.
You need to think if it is better or worse to have more or less from a special behaviour.
You even need to control the age. If it is possible, we want them tested before 18 mounth (548 days).

Subtest, Variable
1a Social Contact,Greetings
1b Cooperation
1c Handling
2a Play 1 Interest in play
2b Grabbing
2c Tug-of-war
3a Chase Following
3b Grabbing
4 Passive situation Activity
5a Distance play Interest
5b Aggression
5c Exploration
5d Tug-of-war
5e Play invitation
6a Sudden appearance Startle reaction
6b Aggression
6c Exploration
6d Remaining avoidance
6e Remaining approach
7a Metallic noise Startle reaction
7b Exploration
7c Remaining avoidance
7d Remaining approach
8a Ghosts Agression
8b Attention
8c Avoidance
8d Exploration
8e Greeting
9a Play 2 Interest in play
9b Grabbing
10 Gunshots Avoidance

MH compared with the ideal dobermann