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Uppdaterad 2023-02-03

SKH I, SPH I, BH, passed Swedish police L-test, Securitydog Korad, MH
Twin-Q's Buster

9/1 2002 - 25/10 2005

e. IPO III, SCH H III, ZTP SG-1A Chakko von Sheltheide
u. SKH III, SPH III, SÖK II, LP I, Korad Dobfancier's Quinzi

Twin-Q's Buster

Buster was a exeptionell dog, he had a temperament with wery good nerves. He had extremly high score at korning. He was a secury dog and worked with Torbjörn. Buster were free on eye's and hi's hips was x-rayed B (B-A) and hi's neeck was also x-rayed with no remarks on vertebral. Hi has approwed low class tracking and protection.
20030531 MH 444 434 4435 4 31554 31331 24 1. Diagram is a bit down on this page and as a pdf compared with ideal for the Dobermann stock here.
2004-02-23 L-test Social contakt high, high figthing spirit, temperament ideal, low aggression, medium defens, nerves good, Hardness medium, high courage, no reaktions on gunshots.
2004-04-18 Korning Social contakt high +3, Medium huntingspirit +2, Medium socialfigthingdpirit +3, Temperament ideal +3, Low aggressions +1, Medium defencedrive +3, Almost stedy in nerves +2, Medium hardness +3, Wery high courage +3, No reaktions on gunshots.
If you want to now more about the other puppies at the Twin-Q B-litter you will find it at Kennel Twin-Q's homesite.

Twin-Q's Buster photoalbum

Chakko von Sheltheide Dobfancier's Quinzi