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3 februari, 2023

IPO III, BH, ZTP-SG-1B, Passed Swedish police L-test, Korad, MH
Dobfancier's Regiuz

26/3 2003 - 9/4 2014

. IPO III, SCH H III, FH, ZTP SG-1A, Körung ZVA 2A Baron von Lechfeld
u. SKH I, SÖK II, Korad Twin-Q's Alizza

Reggi 2011, 8½ year

Reggi 2007, 4 year

Dobfancier's Regiuz

Hips: B (A left, B right)
: Free from PHTVL/PHTV, Retina disease, Katarakt, vWD DNA Carrier (by VetGen)
Heart: Februari & july 2013; Ultrasound with colourdoppler and 5 minutes EKG: Heart in exellent condition.
After his dead: Autopsied free from all kind of heart diseases (including DCM) by heart specialists, pathologists and laboratory veterinarians.
Blood sample and heart muscle tissue is stored at SLU, Sweden and also sent to Mûnchen for further genetic analysis.
The reason we took "Reggi" away was burdening of the epiglottis (damage from protection work).
IPO III, BH, MH, KORAD, Passed Swedish police L-test, ZTP-SG-1B.

Reggi has participated 6 IDC-IPO-WM
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 (7:th place and wice team vice winner) and 2011 (4:th team).
Swedish Mastership all breeds 2010 and 3:rd at RM 2009 (video).
The Swedish dobermann club working trophy:
2006 5:th, 2007 3:ard, 2008 2:nd, 2009 winner, 2010 IPO-trophy 2:nd

Reggi is a male who has taken place in our pack with a great self-confidence. He have a very good bite and coordination in the bite, he has also extreamly focus during work. Reggi is a fantastic tracking dog who work with high intensety on all kind of grounds. He still works as Security dog at a age of 9 years with his handler Torbjörn.

Reggi comes from a litter with working dogs;
His brother Rezon compete IPO III and become third winner at the Swedish mastership IPO 2007 all breeds, he also become 9:th at Nordic Masterschip IPO 2007 all breeds and become 12:th at IPO-IDC-WM 2006 (2:nd team) and 2008 he took 11:th place of 60 participants (5:th team).
His sister Ruzka compete elit class tracking and elit class protecting (nordic protection inholding work with muzzle). She also compete IPO III and IDC-IPO-WM 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 (at a age of 9 years). Ruzka vas Swedish dobermann winner IPO III and vice winner 2011. Three more brothers compete in tracking and protection and one brother is champion at show.
You can find more about Reggi's brothers and sisters at the

Kennel Grim-Keeper C-litter born mars 2007 with Grim-Keepers Aska.

Kennel Molecularis D-litter born june 2012 with Molecularis Butterfly Effekt
very good quality (>95%).

Reggi Photo album
RM-IPO 2005
Kennelmeeting 2008
Kennelmeeting 2007
Kennelmeeting 2006