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3 februari, 2023

SE BCH, SKH III, SPH III, IPO III, BH, Passed Swedish police L-test, Korad, MH

Dobfancier's Ruzka

f. 26/3 2003 - 23/2 2013

e. IPO III, SCH H III, FH, ZTP SG-1A, Körung ZVA 2A Baron von Lechfeld
u. SKH I, SÖK II, Korad Twin-Q's Alizza

Ruzka 2011, 8½ year

Ruzka 2006, 3 year

Dobfancier's Ruzka

Free from PHTVL/PHTV, Retina disease, Katarakt
DNA Clear (by VetGen)
B (B left, A right)
Ruzkas heart was ultrasounded by the chief veterinary officer of Southern rock's animal clinic (ultrasound trained) Sundsvall, about 10 minutes before she was put to sleep. It had a normal heart form with no thinned walls. She was in too poor condition to be driven to SLU (400 km) for killing and autopsy.

SE BCH, IPO III, SKH III, SPH III, BH, MH, KORAD, Passed Swedish police L-test,
IDC-IPO-WM 2008, 2009, 2010 11:th place and vice vinner team, 2012.
Swedish Mastership IPO (all breeds) 2009 9th place, 2010 13:th,
Dobermann Mastership IPO 2009 4:th place and Vinner 2010, vice winner 2011.
Vice District winner Swedish protection 2010.

Swedish Dobermann club working dog trophy: 2007 4:th, 2008 2:nd, 2009 2:nd & 3:rd at the total trophy, 2010 Winner total trophy and IPO-trophy 2010.
Swedish Working dog club "IPO-dog of the year" (all breeds) 9:th place.

Ruzka has done 5 competitions in elit class protection and tracking, 17 competitions in IPO 3.
Handler: Laine Löfman.

is the gracefull femal in the pack but behind the kind feminin side she have a great fighting spirit and a very good bite. Ruzka make her heavy in the protection work and in the Swedish protection she use sharpness in the muzzle work. She is allways willing to work and have easy to learn. Ruzka compete elit class protection (with muzzle work) and tracking at the Swedish working dog trials. At the moment we only train IPO. Ruzka is korad with high score.

Ruzka has successful brothers;
Rezon has compete Swedish and Nordic Mastership all kind of breeds (2:nd and 9:th place) and IPO-IDC-WM 2007 and Regiuz has paricipated 5 IDC-IPO WM (2007 -2011. Nearly all the other brothers compete in tracking or protection.
You can find more about Ruzka's brothers at the
R-litter page.

Ruzka is mother to Dobfanciers U and W -litter


Kennelmeeting 2008
Kennelmeeting 2007
Kennelmeeting 2006

IPOtraining1 20081115 (heler Tommy Andersson)
IPOtraining2 20081115 (helper Tommy Andersson)
IPOtraining3 20081115 (helper Tommy Andersson)