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3 februari, 2023

MT, MH, BH, Approved L-Test, Policedog II, special trained for criminal cases
Dobfancier's Sazka

f. 19/2 2005

e. IPO III, VPG (SCH H) III, AD, ZTP Sg-1A, Ang. 1A Arab vom Fachenfelde
f. IPO II, BHP I, Passed Swedish police L-test, Korad Grim-Keepers Aska

Dobfancier's Sazka

Saska is a dominant femal with selfconfidence and a lot of own ideas.
She is free from PHTVL/PHTV. Very sadly she has Hd C at her hips.
She is wonderful with puppies and people. She have very good fighting spirit and bite.
She have doned BH, MH and passed the MT vith 403 points.
Sazka has passed Swedish police L-test and work as policedog, passed as policedog II.
Sazka is special trained for criminal cases and as police search and recue dog.

Photo: Andreas Hansson, Dagbladet.
The photo is publiced with special agreement, NOT allowed for other users!

Thanks to you, Hasse Norberg for chosen Sazka as policedog and for all eaducation you given her.
Thanks for all PR you made for the dobermann breed and moust of all for taken care of her so nice!
Photos taken 2013, Sazka is 8 years and they shows how mutch she like her job and her owner.

Sazka wear the best working qualities from Sweden and Europa. Here is some of them:

- Arab vom Fachenfelde competed IDC-IPO-VM twice.
- Grim-Keeper's Aska competed Swedish Dobermann Mastership "RM" IPO (3:rd place).
Aska has given 5 offsprins who has passed test as police/security and army dogs.
- Uligan vom Hof Ter Helle competed IDC-IPO-VM and FCI-SCH H, winner of DCF-tracking.
- Dobfancier's Qvinz competed IPO at Nordic Mastership and IDC-IPO-VM twice.
- Briska's Queenie won Dobermann Mastership "RM" IPO twice,and competed IDC-IPO-VM.
- Dobfancier's Prixza competed Swedish mastership protection all breeds.
- Hertog Conan von Manensheide winner of the German Mastership IPO.
- Folkare's Chester in Charge competed Swedish mastership all breeds in tracking.
- Dobfancier's Minix Baronezza competed Swedish mastership all breeds in bouth protection and tracking.
- Kleo von Weiermyhle winner of IDC-IPO-VM and police dog.
- Doberhill Black Vix policedog.

Nearly all of the Swedish dogs behind Sazka has the title Korad, nearly allover 200 points (high score).
from the rest dogs who has doned the german Körung nearly all has got it for life with 1A


Dobfancier's Sazka
Dobfancier's Sazka